We are no longer shipping quail chicks. We will still ship pheasants, chickens, ducks, geese, turkeys ect but quail are just to fragile for the shipping process. All poultry will be ready and in stock by 5/25

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide the widest and most rare selection of poultry on the market. We want to stand out from our competitors and offer only the best poultry on the market to our customers. Weather you want a a new breed, blood line, or just to add some beautiful poultry to your flock/farm we got you covered.

We specialize in rare breeds and blood lines. Our poultry are fed top of the line feed specialized for there needs. Poultry is our passion, We wake up everyday with a smile on our face because we love what we do.

Hatch Poultry Farms was started in 2018! By the owner Dawson Gray. Dawson was 18 at the time of starting the company and he put all his time and money into it. He loves poultry, especially ducks ;). Over the course of a year Hatch Poultry Farms went from being a dream to a full on hatchery and farm business. We sell online, locally, and huge retail stores. We hope you find something you like here at Hatch Poultry Farms. We are always expanding and adding new lines of poultry. Thank you for reading.