Hello everyone and thank you for your interest in, if you are reading this i want to thank you ahead of time for doing so. We recently got in touch with some local stores and we are going to start selling our Quail Eggs at them for eating of course. One of the stores we are excited about is Uncle Deans, its the largest organic and healthy food store around where we are based. We will be selling them 20 dozen quail eggs every week through march – April. If sales are good we will continue to sell them quail eggs. We cant wait for our eggs to be on store shelf’s so exciting!

Also this month we have got 2 new incubators to keep up with sales and incubation needs! We also have a very large incubator we are getting custom made which will hold 4000+ quail eggs, 2500+ duck eggs and 3000+ chicken eggs! But this incubator wont be ready for a few weeks.

Lastly we also are getting 2-3 new barns built for quail. We have really found a love for quail and we know you guys love them too! so we are expanding our quail pens and making many more to hold as much as we need! Each barn should hold up to 9000 quail max.

Thank you guys so much for reading and doing business with us over the last year Ina half, without you guys we could not be doing this, This is our dream and thanks to you we can live that dream everyday. If you want to check out uncle deans you can go to there website here thanks so much ~ Dawson

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