The Importance of buying from NPIP and well known breeders

Today we are going to talk about the importance of buying from NPIP certified poultry breeders and well known and well respected breeders. Recently we bough quail eggs from many different breeders to get a better understanding about the topic we are talking about today. The first thing we found out is that on eBay there is tons of people who are not NPIP certified selling fertile hatching eggs. It is against the law but its not very likely anyone will get in trouble for doing this. The reason NPIP (National Poultry Improvement Plan) is to make sure all poultry being sold in the united states is clean from diseases. People who have NPIP certification take there poultry business more serious then the ones who don’t have the certification.

So to begin we bought from Myshire Farms, Osiris Quail Farms, and someone named “katiebug” all these breeders sell on eBay. If you have ever bought quail hatching eggs before i am sure you have heard of Myshire Farms. They are one of the bigger breeders in the quail farming industry. We bought 25 eggs from them and received 30. 23 out of the 25 hatched the extra 5 did not but we are not going to count that towards the hatch rate so Myshire Farms had a 92% hatch rate which is very good!

Next we bought eggs from Osiris Quail Farms. We bought 300 eggs from them and we had 270 hatch which is a 90% hatch rate which is also very good! Both of these breeders are both NPIP and they take there quail business very seriously.

Lastly we bought from katiebug on eBay. We bought 240 eggs and 120 hatched which is a 50% hatch rate but we had 11 deaths 1 day after the hatch. so that brings us to about a 45% hatch rate. katiebug is not NPIP certified to our knowledge and has chosen not to respond to any of our messages about why they think there hatch rate was so low. We have 5 commercial incubators here that always get 75% + hatch rates so it was very strange for us to see such a low hatch rate to us that is unacceptable Myshire also has stated that anything below a 50% hatch rate is unacceptable. What do you guys think about this little study we did? Do you guys have any experience with eBay hatching eggs please feel free to let us know we would love to hear from you!

HATCH RATE % 91% hatch rate

Myshire Farms 92% hatch rate

Osiris Quail Farms 90% hatch rate

katiebug 45% hatch rate

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