3/8/19 Update

Here is our update for this month woohooo! Anyways let me start out saying a thank you! Without you guys we would be nothing. We have put our ALL into this.. This is our dream and thanks to all of you we can live our dream. Lets get into the update haha.

So to start our Quail Operation is going amazing to say the least.. We have brand new breeding cages/pens and the quail houses which can hold up to 10,000 quail each are staying nice and warm in the middle of the winter here in MAINE. We have really found a love for quail and we look forward to keep them on the farm for a long time to come! We will be making our own breed of quail soon it will be a long process that could take a few years but time doesn’t matter to us we love what we do and we want to take the best colors and genetics and breed a super quail! Not sure what the name will be yet but it will be cool trust me. We put a lot of time and money into our breeding programs so we have no intention of failing.

Also recently the company www.eggcartons.com sent us Quail Egg Cartons for a huge event we are going to in September! So HUGE Shout out and thank you to them. They are awesome and if you guys ever need any egg cartons i suggest buying from them.

We also have started a youtube channel so please feel free to subscribe to it to keep up to date with on farm activity’s and random videos of poultry!! youtube.com/hatchpoultry

Thats really it for the update we will end up making another blog post in a few weeks or so with some more updates. Once again THANK YOU for reading and supporting us!!! I love you guys <3

-Dawson Owner/Founder of hatchpoultry.com

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