4/10/19 UPDATE

Hey guys its that UPDATE time again! This is going to be a shorter update mainly just got some questions for you guys about or website.

FIRST OFF WE ARE NOW MAINE’S LARGEST HATCHERY! Absolutely insane! The amount of growth we have had in the last year is just incredible thank you guys so much it means the world to us.

Next is a website update.. Currently our website is fine but we want to make it easier for you guys to know what is hatching on what day and whats available for local pick up and what not. So we are thinking of implementing a page that is called “Available next hatch” this page will show all our poultry that are hatching with in a week or so of you viewing that page. It will show the quantity available, if it has a local pick up option, and if you can choose the sex. We are also working on fixing our shipping prices.

PLEASE COMMENT ON THIS POST IF YOU THINK THE WEBSITE UPDATE IDEA IS A GOOD AND HELPFUL IDEA! Some of you who post will receive coupon/discount codes for replying.

Thanks as always it means the world to us. You are supporting our dream ~Dawson Owner/Founder Of Hatch Poultry Farms (www.hatchpoultry.com)

2 thoughts on “4/10/19 UPDATE

  1. Amanda says:

    I would love more info on hatches coming up. If we can select local pickup or shipping options for more than one category that would be great too if we are close enough.

  2. Liz says:

    Absolutely an update on upcoming hatches would be helpful! All things mentioned would definitely make it more streamlined. Thanks!

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