Where are you located? “We are located in MAINE”

Where do you ship poultry? “We ship all over the united states.”

How long is shipping? “Shipping times depend on the location. Normally its 1-2 days but sometimes it can be 3.”

What happens if my chicks arrive dead or sick? “Unfortunately sometimes this can happen if shipping is over 3 days. Chicks can survive without food and water for 3 days after they hatch due to the yolk they absorb during hatching. If they end up sick or dead let us know we can re ship or credit your account for the loss.”

Why are the poultry i want out of stock? “Depending on the breed of poultry this can vary a lot. We sell out pretty fast normally so its pretty common, If you have a type of poultry you want and it says OUT OF STOCK just email us and we can let you know the availability or you can wait till the day of hatch and then we update quantity’s.”

How do i contact you guys? “Email us at support@hatchpoultry.com we answer pretty fast normally”

May we tour your hatchery facility and breeding farm? “No, We are sorry but due to bio-security measures set forth by the poultry industry and the Animal Health Commission, we are unable to allow non-employees on our farm or in our hatchery.”

I want to cancel my order how do i do so? If you want to Cancel your order just send us a email and we will cancel but we do charge a cancellation fee since we hold poultry for you. The fee is very small only a few dollars max.